Association Healthcare Solutions

Quality health insurance at a fair price can change an employee’s life. We can customize an affordable healthcare solution that helps you to provide best-in-class benefits to your employees and their families. We provide options that fit your employees needs and your budget.

Affordable, quality healthcare options exclusively for Home Furnishings Association members.

  • Medical, dental and vision plans from nationally recognized insurance providers.
  • Supplemental benefits such as group disability, accident, hospital and life insurance also available.
  • Customized plan offerings that work for your practice.
  • HR Technology and support that make benefits administration less time-consuming.
  • 10-30% savings compared to individual small employer purchasing, often with better, broader benefits.

Real People. Real Savings.

My wife is sick; I switched to your coverage because I was told it would cover her. We went to get insulin that I previously paid $1,800 for, and when they said it was $10, my wife cried like a baby.

- Larry

No matter the size of your business, the savings are real (and so are these examples).


Maximum Savings
% Savings

Member 1

Size:60 employees
Maximum Savings:$63K
% Savings:23%

Member 2

Size:35 employees
Maximum Savings:$21K
% Savings:8%

Member 3

Size:13 employees
Maximum Savings:$35K
% Savings:34%

Quality health insurance at a fair price can change an employee’s life.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • HFA membership is required to enroll in the HFA healthcare plan powered by Decisely. If you are not a member, contact: 800-422-3778 or visit to speak to an HFA membership specialist.
  • HFA member completes the online form.
  • HFA member downloads the census spreadsheet, completes it with their employees’ information, and uploads it on
  • A Benefits Center representative, powered by Decisely Insurance Services, receives your information and will contact you to get started.
  • Within days, you will receive your HFA Healthcare Solutions insurance programs and medical, dental, vision, and other coverage rates.
  • After choosing the best plan that works for you and your staff, we can get you, and your staff enrolled.

This program is available to Home Furnishings Association members in good standing with businesses with 2+ employees.

Yes! Our Association Healthcare Solutions cover pre-existing conditions for any health benefit as prescribed within the Affordable Care Act’s “essential health benefits.”

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The Home Furnishings Association and outside vendors have worked to provide an independent source of Healthcare benefits for Home Furnishing Association (HFA) members. Benefits and insurance decisions, and sourcing are the responsibility of the business owners. A business owner’s decision as the employer whether or not to participate in the benefits and services provided is solely the his/her decision. Neither the Home Furnishings Association, its subsidiaries, nor any outside vendors are fiduciaries with respect to such decision.